March 16 2018 I had to move the site again, back to shared hosting. I've also changed the look of the site and I'm updating the mini-sites.

August 28 2017 I did move to a reseller. I've also changed to an iframe as it's easier to keep changing the links than if I had to do it to every page!

August 8 2017 There have been so many updates since I joined the Pixel Trading Card Game! I'm constantly updating! So much so that I think it may be time to move to a reseller from a shared hosting.

July 3 2017 I neglected, but did not lose this site. And now I'd redoing it, to make it a pixel seasons/festivals site and possibly a TCG site too.

March 20 2010 About time I had an update! I've added a section on Ostara/Easter. And I'm planning to add more sections on seasons and festivals.

December 7 2009 Moved it again. I must get on with actually adding some content. I'm closing some other domains, so will add some of that into here. Eventually!

January 15 2009 I'm just setting up the graphics and the main pages. I've also just set up an account on my reseller.